Personal Data Policy

Information security is the top priority of SMALTOLIN S.A. in order to:

  • Ensure the secure production of paints with special long-term and anti-corrosion protection requirements for metal and cement structures.
  • Ensure company’s full compliance with the relevant current legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Protect the interests of our company as well as of those who cooperate with us and trust us regarding the use and handling of their data.
  • Ensure the availability, integrity and confidentiality of any information provided, received and handled within the context of our activities.
  • Maximize the credibility of company’s IT resources.

The goals regarding the implementation of Information Security Policies and Procedures are:

  • The protection of computational resources and information transferred through company’s services against any internal or external, deliberate or accidental threat.
  • The systematic assessment and evaluation of any information security risks, with a view to their proper and timely management.
  • The implementation of secure procedures regarding the development and maintenance of services provided by third parties.
  • Data archiving, prevention of viruses and external invasions, controlling access to IT systems, recording all security incidents and managing unexpected situations.
  • The management and personnel must be kept constantly informed on information security issues.
  • Controlling any transferred and exchanged data and information.
  • Immediate and effective handling of incidents and security breaches.
  • The full commitment by company’s management for the faithful implementation of security policies and applicable national and EU legislation.

Information Security Officer is responsible to monitor the operation of the System, as well as to inform the personnel involved regarding information security policy. Company’s personnel which is involved in activities and processes described and related to Information Security issues has the responsibility to implement the appropriate policies and procedures according to their tasks. The Management and personnel of SMALTOLIN S.A. are committed to make every possible effort in order to meet company’s goals in relation to Information Security.

We are also committed to continuously increase Information Security levels through the constant improvement of the Information Security Management System as well as by providing the necessary resources to achieve the above mentioned goals.


General Manager

Athens, May 1, 2018