Bitumenous Paints

Bitumenous paints one or two components with excellent seawater resistance , alkali, underground applications.


Bituminous enamel which exhibits superior adhesion at every dry surface, such as concrete, metal, wood e.t.c., excellent resistance to sewage water, to sea-water, to alkalis and corrosive gases in addition to excellent protection at underground installations. It is recommended to be used for the protection of water tanks and sewage installations. Furthermore, it can be used for waterproofing of ceilings, vertical surfaces, concrete walls, concrete pipes and asbestos pipes, as anticorrosive for the protection of metallic constructions, tanks and pipes in addition to the protection of wood against rotting.


Two-component coal tar epoxy high solids paint. It exhibits excellent resistance to cooling water, seawater, crude oil and aliphatic hydrocarbons. It is especially designed for thick film coating for under-water and drainage installations.

Coal Tar Epoxy 2K60

Two-component coal tar epoxy paint. It is based on a successful combination of epoxy resin and special coal tar resulting to excellent resistance to water and seawater. It is especially designed for tanks’ and pipelines’ coating of water, seawater and drainage installations. It is, also, recommended for use at hydroelectric power plants where mechanical tiring outs are taking place because of high water speed.